Laura Hogg Massage Therapy

Please note that due to the situation with Covid-19, I am not currently able to take massage bookings. You are very welcome to contact me to enquire when a massage booking might be possible, or as I might be able to recommend some self massage or movement tips that you might benefit from. My email address is

My massage uses a variety of techniques, including relaxing massage, deep tissue techniques, stretching and joint mobilisation, Thai massage techniques, a focus on your sport and rehabilitation, and myofascial release.

Treatments are individual to you and your needs, and include a consultation about your expectations for the session, and where neccessary an assessment of your movement and posture.

Massage can be gentle and calming, provide deep relief, or energising with focus on mobility.

Massage means manual manipulation of the soft tissue (muscle, fascia, tendons and ligaments), and it can involve a lot more than spending an hour face-down on the table.

The techniques I use have many tangible benefits: they help to reduce tension, pain and stiffness, sometimes which has been held for years, to increase mobility and flexibility, and speed up muscle recovery.


What My Clients Say

“I woke up last Saturday barely able to move my neck and unable to drive. Laura fitted me in on a weekend at very short notice and made such a huge difference! There was noticeable improvement within a few hours and I had regained full mobility with no pain within a couple of days. Can’t recommend enough 🙌” Lauren

I’ve been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis that has been affecting my back and neck and giving me pain for years. One session with Laura has relieved stiffness, enhanced my mobility and reduce a lot of my pain. I’ll definitely be re-booking and seeing Laura regularly. Richard

“I heard about massage by Laura from a fellow new mum. It was such a treat to have my legs and glutes massaged. I found Laura to be incredibly warm and professional, making the visit to her home welcoming and relaxing. Particularly liked the short questionnaire at the beginning which ensures that the massage is entirely tailored to your preferences. Hoping to return soon for a back massage!” Becky


Massage tailored to you

My treatments are tailored specifically to you, based on the information you share with me about your body, your life and your expectations for the session.

Everyone is different, as are my massage treatments. I vary the pressure and speed of the massage techniques and direct focused attention to particular areas based on your needs. There is no routine massage!

You may love deep tissue massage, you might benefit from stretches and passive joint mobilisation to improve the mobility of a particular joint, or you may seek a deeply relaxing experience.

We will discuss your treatment beforehand and agree on what the massage will cover.

A postural assessment is available as part of the treatment, on request.


Send me a quick message with your preferred appointment time and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Laura Hogg Massage Therapy
Malin Bridge, Sheffield – full address provided upon booking
Call or text: 07833690855